Temporary Disaster Recovery Center in Roseville

Local News

ROSEVILLE, Ohio – Between devastating floods, tornadoes and powerful thunderstorms, Southeastern Ohio has faced some horrible weather, but help is here.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is holding a temporary Disaster Recovery Center at Roseville Elementary School. Also, there to help assist people is the U.S Small Business Administration. The Center opened on Wednesday, was open Friday, and Saturday is the last day the temporary D-R-C will be open. F.E.M.A Media Relations Specialist, Gerard Hammink said this center gives people the opportunity for help in person.

“F.E.M.A exists to help people before, during and after disasters. So this is the after part, this is the recovery part and our goal is to help people rebuild and then be more prepared for the future in case there are other storms in the future,” Hammink said.

The U.S Small Business Administration also had members there to help people including Public Affairs Specialist, Janel Finley. Finley said the Small Business Administration is primarily there to help assist with the low interest loan.

“So we are here to help in anyway we can, that they need assistance. Right now, we want every individual to first register with disasterassistance.gov and come into the D.R.C that is located here and let staff members, whether it’s F.E.M.A, S.B.A, or the state assist them in anyway they can,” Finley added.

If you need help recovering from the storms, tomorrow is their final day they will be in Roseville. Their hours will be from 7:00 AM till 7:00 PM.