Z.A.A.P artist of the month: Diana RowLee

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project, Artist of the month is Diana RowLee, a local artist that loves working with pastels.

RowLee has been working with pastels for about four years now, and she said her favorite things to draw are animals. RowLee’s work can be found hanging up in the Zaap building downtown. Her work has an unbelievable amount of detail and realism.

“I do primarily pastels which is chalk. I have been doing it now for about four years. I have tried water color and oil and all that other stuff but I like pastels.” RowLee added “I just enjoy animals. I like the intricacy of their faces and things like that. I like that.”

RowLee said these pieces of work take her about a day to complete. She added some pieces only take a couple of hours while some take longer than a day it depends on how intricate the piece is. RowLee said she got into art because she retired, and wanted something to do.

RowLee said “”I retired and I wanted something fun to do.” She added, “I didn’t do animals at first they were way to challenging. I did easy things like my dog, not very well. So it took a while.”

If you are interested in Diana RowLee’s art, you can see it at the Art Walk tomorrow, and you can buy them as well.