Ohio State Highway Patrol Roadway Safety For Fourth of July Holiday

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Another holiday is coming up, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol is on high alert.

The time frame the Ohio State Highway Patrol is outlining that most people will be traveling for the Independence Day holiday runs from Wednesday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 7th. It’s recommended drivers should drive defensively and watch out for other drivers. Distracted driving is a major issue, and it is important to always pay attention to the roadways.

“While people are traveling there’s going to be a lot more traffic on the roadway. So we also look at the other factors that create injuries and crashes. Distracted driving, so people paying attention to the roadway not to their phones, not to the passengers in the car that they’re traveling with. And not watching fireworks off the side of the road, things like that,” said Lieutenant Matt Boyd.

Boyd also advised that even throughout the Fourth of July celebrations, people should always make wise decisions. Many festivities involve alcohol, which increases the chances of impaired driving. The Patrol urges people to have someone else drive them or encourage them to stay where they are located. But also for other motorists out on the roads to drive carefully and always be cautious of the reckless drivers.

“Too many times people take the risk to have a few drinks then go out on the roadway. Last year there were 37 percent of fatal crashes in Ohio were alcohol related or OVI related, which includes alcohol and/or drugs. And of course nobody ever plans on being involved in a crash, but over a third of those involve impaired drivers so we can certainly cut those numbers down,” he said.

You can report incidents on the highway to the State Highway Patrol by dialing their direct line at #677.

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