New Cameras Added To I-70

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Transportation has installed two traffic cameras overlooking Interstate 70 in Zanesville.

O-DOT District 5 Public Information Officer, Morgan Overbey said Columbus and other local cities have the cameras, and there are many benefits to them. Overbey says the cameras are there to survey the traffic and respond to accidents.

“O-DOT has installed a camera at I-70 and State Street. That one is currently live and then in about a week or so the other one at Underwood Street and I-70 will also be live,” said Overbey.

Overbey said this does not just benefit them, it also benefits the community because the stream is live so you can check to see if traffic is flowing.

Overbey added “Then now we also have two in Zanesville. These are heavily traveled corridors and where we have these corridors, we like to have these cameras. We also see a decent amount of crashes in downtown Zanesville, so these camera also help with seeing a crash and responding appropriately to it.

O-DOT does not have any future plans to install more cameras. However if these work well, Overbey says it is a possibility.