Praying Pelican Missions is Here to Help The Community

Local News

ROSEVILLE, Ohio- Praying Pelican Missions was in the village of Roseville this week to help those in need, including the Mark’s Family.

The Marks family had faced a lot in the past three years as three of the family members have been diagnosed, and fighting, various cancers. The family’s medical issues had caused taken over their time, energy, and most importantly, their finances. Maple Grove Lutheran Church’s youth group, in Maple Grove, Minnesota, decided to come and help the Mark’s repair their deck.

Mission Trip Chaperon, Greg Martinson, said “So in this case we are working on a deck here at Al’s house. His neighbor Chris, lives right next door, she’s the one who say ‘hey he could maybe use a hand with that’, so she was very generous to offer that.” Martinson added, “We are working all over. We have been in Roseville, Crooksville, did some work in Zanesville, so have covered a lot of ground.”

The Missions Coordinator, Andrew Smith, is originally from Zanesville and says that he never thought he would be doing missions right here in his backyard.

Smith stated, “Being from Zanesville, to do missions in our own backyard is, you never think you’d go in your backyard for missions, but there are needs everywhere. This is a call for our own community to step up, our own local churches to step up, and take care of our neighbors.”

Smith added that the group will be moving down the street later today to help another home that was damaged by this week’s EF-1 tornado.

If you, our anyone you know, are interested in Praying Pelicans Missions, you can call them at 740-648-7017, or visit them online at

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