Big Brothers Big Sisters award five scholarships to mentors.

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville handed out scholarships to volunteers that have helped them for years.

The organization awarded five scholarships to the mentors that met the scholarship qualifications. Big Brothers Big Sisters Associate Director, Debby Knaup said this is the first year they have awarded these scholarships and it feels great to give back.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters was for the first time able, to award five recipients the scholarship for being a big, and we are really excited about that. These kids have worked on our program for the last year or two. Being a big and meeting the requirements that we’ve had for this scholarship and they have done a great job and today we were rewarding them for their hard work and their efforts,” Knaup said.

One of the recipients of the scholarship, Evan Hannon said it is nice to be appreciated for the work they have put into helping their littles. The students said the scholarship will help with book cost and other financial obligations they face. The recipients say it was great being a big, and getting to influence a younger child.

Another recipient Kyra Young said “It was nice to gain a few tiny best friends once a week and be a part of their lives and be the reason they smile once or twice, every once and a while.” Alyssa Taylor another student recipient said “It was really great to know that your little was there and there was someone that he or she could tell anyone anything to.”

The students were very thankful for the scholarship, but also very thankful for the opportunity to be a big.