State of Emergency Issued For Southeast Ohio Village

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A state of emergency has been issued for the village of West Lafayette, in Coshocton County, due to flooding.

Heavy rain came through the area Tuesday evening, causing for those who lived in Lafayette Mills and Lafayette Commons to evacuate their apartments in three to four feet deep of water.

Hill said, “Started at about 7:30 p.m. last evening. It started pouring down rain. And they say that we had over four inches just really quickly, and it kind flooded a lot of areas. We had to evacuate some areas. And right, the present time, we got so much water laying around, laying up against the houses, we can’t pump their basement because of pressure along the outside. We have already had some basements that collapsed.”

Hill, who has lived in West Lafayette for quite sometime, said this is the first time they have seen flooding like this. Hill also stated that it will take quite some time to get the flooding under control, but they have a team currently working on it.

Hill said, “We are going to be days. I’m going to say if we are looking at Monday next week, we may be lucky.” Hill added, “We got a couple gentlemen now looking at the structures, trying to get a number on how many houses we have, that is what we are really looking at. They are looking at probably a hundred.”

Hill mentioned how it has really been a battle for everybody, but they have a lot of people coming in to help get the project underway.

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