20th Annual Quinn Family Bash

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Today the 20th annual Quinn Family Bash was held over at the Zanesville Welcome Center. At the event you could find people jamming out to live music played and sang by the Quinn Family themselves.

This event is held every year as a fun way to come out and celebrate recovery for those who suffer from mental illnesses and addiction.

One member of the Quinn Family, Paul Quinn, said “It tugs on the heart strings honestly to come out here and entertain an audience that doesn’t get catered to very much. People with mental illnesses and addiction are usually hiding away in their bedroom or someplace.”

The whole idea for the Quinn Family Bash came from the Quinn’s always singing and playing music together in their living room. One day the idea came to them to start sharing their music with others. According to Quinn, there is no more deserving community than the mentally ill and those with addiction. 

“When you working with people with brain disorders, and you know that many of them struggle just to pull themselves out of bed, and to know they are out here and having fun,” Quinn mentioned. “There’s not a better feeling than that. These people do not get a lot of opportunities to socialize and get out and hear a band,” Quinn added.

A crowd of many, even those from miles away, came together to sing, dance and laugh with the Quinn Family.

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