Army Vet Speaks At Kiwanis Club

Local News

The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Zanesville had a meeting Wednesday afternoon, where they welcomed guest speaker Sports Barber owner, Mike Debolt.

Debolt served in the United States Army. While driving in Afghanistan, Debolt’s Humvee hit an I.E.D also known as an improvised explosive device. while severely burned, Debolt put his injuries aside and helped his fellow soldiers get out of the Humvee and away from danger. Debolt feels that it is important to talk with the community when he can.

Debolt said “Muskingum County is a big veteran community and there is a lot of Vietnam guys that are here and I love hearing their stories. There is a lot of civilians that don’t really know what the Distinguished Service Cross , so you’re kind of educating the community and the veterans like to hear about it as well.”

The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest award an army soldier can receive. Debolt said he really enjoys getting out in the community, and working with locals around town that could use some help.

“I like doing a lot of things for the community. We do a book bag drive every year, we give free haircuts to grade school kids and I’ll be actually volunteering at Lace Up For Kids too, and give some haircuts there. So, just trying to get involved in the community

Debolt was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in March this year on Fort Riley in Kansas.