Pearl Valley Cheese at Muskingum County Fairground’s Farmer’s Market

Local News

Zanesville, Ohio – It was another beautiful Saturday morning for the Muskingum County Fairground’s Farmer’s Market and vendors from all around the community were there.

Pearl Valley Cheese was one of the vendors there this week. One salesperson, Judie Sensabaugh drives all the way to Pearl Valley to buy their cheese, then sell their cheese each week at the market. Sensabaugh offers a variety of cheeses including colby, cheddar, swiss, chipotle, even pepperoni and bacon flavored cheeses.

“Well, you can get any type of cheese you want up there. They make a lot of homemade cheese. Everybody loves it. A lot of people sometime think that I own Pearl Valley but I just go up and get it and then re-sell, but they’re great people and they have a place up there where you can go in and go see how they make the cheese,” said Sensabaugh.

Pearl Valley Cheese is in Fresno, Ohio and according to Sensabaugh they offer a variety of cheeses but also meat as well. Sensabaugh said it’s important to shop locally every chance you get.

“Well, it’s kind of like we get to know each other one-on-one. It’s like family. Fairgrounds has been here forever and I’d really like to see this go and be successful,” Sensabuagh added.

The Farmer’s Market is every Saturday from 9 AM till 12PM at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.