Scholarships Awarded To Local Students

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Seniors from high schools all around the county got a unique opportunity to meet at the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

They got the chance to accept their scholarships, and even meet the donors who funded their scholarships. CEO of the Muskingum County Community Foundation, Brian Wagner, said it’s great to see both the student’s and the donor’s reaction to the scholarship being awarded.

“Well this is our scholarship reception. We like to try and get the donors and the recipients of the scholarships together. So they can share their stories about why they decided to give scholarships and then the ones that received the scholarships have an opportunity then to explain what they’re going to be doing with them and personally thank them for the donations that they made,” said Wagner.

Wagner said over 100 students have been awarded a scholarship. He hopes the donors and the scholars discussed what the scholarship is all about and how much it means.

“Well, we’ve got about 120 individuals that have receiveddifferent scholarships and depending on schedules, those will come in when they can but we’re expecting to see a good crowd here today. We could see 30 to 40, maybe even 50 individuals,” added Wagner.

The Muskingum County Community Foundation wants to congratulate all scholarship recipients and thank donors and committee members that made it possible.

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