Pied In The Face For A Good Cause

Local News Stories

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Many gathered at the Muskingum County Courthouse Square today to watch twenty-six individuals get pied in the face by their family and friends. According to Operation Feed’s Steering Committee member June smith, she enjoys volunteering and helping people because there are a lot of hungry people here in Muskingum county.

“I just enjoy volunteering because in this county we have a lot of hungry people”. Smith said. “It’s so special since people love being hit by pies, and people love watching people get hit by pies so it is just a funny bit”, Smith added.

Operation Feed has been putting together fun events for people for twenty years, and has done the pie in face event for ten years, but they are nowhere near done and keep striving to reach their goals.

Smith mentioned, “The overall goal is that we have 15 pantries in this county and four hot meal programs, and our goal is to fill the pantries. We also have raffle baskets here today that Children Services made, eight big raffle baskets, and we have a bird bath raffle basket that has probably 900 dollars of local gift-cards in it”.

Despite the rain, the 2019 pie in the face was a success as over three thousand dollars was raised to help keep filling those pantries. If you missed the event today, do not worry since they will be back at the same place next year to continue keep feeding the people of Muskingum county.