Planting Season Still In Bloom

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Even though Spring is near its end, planting season is still in bloom.

It’s not too late to plant those vegetables. Marvin Paul with Paul’s Farm Market and Greenhouses said cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower are able to be planted until the month of August. Onions take a longer time to plant, so it is recommended to plant now so they grow into the size you prefer. And because cucumber and squash take up more area, you may need to make room in the garden for them to establish. The most popular items to plant are tomatoes and pepper, and Paul said that most are able to be planted until the end of May.

“A lot of these people are out planting three or so weeks ago. Like a lot of them say, the ones that planted early and anyone that planted around Memorial Day, within a week or two you can’t tell the difference in when they were planted. It’s just because the soil wasn’t quite warm enough, and we didn’t have warm temperatures like we have now,” he said.

Paul does warn that the hobby of planting takes a lot of work. You need to work with it by keeping weeds out, watching for bugs, and being prepared for any plant diseases such as fungi.

“Things are really grown now. It’s just maintaining them, getting some fertilizer on them, watch for insects, and try to keep them clean and keep your weeds out of them,” he added.

Paul’s Farm Market and Greenhouses has a variety of seeds you can purchase. They are open seven days a week, and they are located on S. River Road.