Operation Feed: Preparing for Pie in the Face

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Operation Feed is coming to an end and the best way to wrap it all up is by throwing pies into the faces of some well-known locals.

Thursday, May 30th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. will be the last opportunity for community members to participate in Operation Feed before the campaign comes to an end. Executive Director of Christ’s Table Keely Warden said this is always a good time for everyone that attends.

“It is such a fun event because we have such a good cross section of different people from the community that are taking a pie,” Warden said. “We’re going to have the Fire Chief down here, we’re going to have some Police Officers down here, some directors. Just some good people that want to help out and they’re taking their pie in the face.”

The event is not all about the pie, it’s about the heart and support those who participate give knowing what comes out of the event will go right back out into the community. Warden said there have been some surprises throughout this year’s Operation Feed Campaign.

“They’ve been some really good surprises, people that have stepped up in the community that has never done anything before so when the numbers all come together we’re going to be really really excited to see where we end up. We feel we’re going to be ahead of last year but we need to because we know when it comes to serving meals next year we’re going to need to be ahead this year,” Warden said.

There will be free food provided to those that attend and they will be accepting non-perishable food donations to help fill a local fire truck. The pie throwing event will also be the last chance to get tickets for $1 a piece or six for $5 and be entered to win the birdbath filled with over $1,500 in local gift certificates. Warden said come make a donation, enjoy some good food and have a good time.

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