The American Red Cross Helping Roseville Residents

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ROSEVILLE, Ohio – The American Red Cross is set up at the Roseville Community Center.

The Emergency Shelter opened Tuesday, May 28th, early morning to help any of the victims of the tornado damage. Executive Director of the American Red Cross Southeast Ohio Chapter Matt Riddle said they are trying to assess the damage and make sure they can provide supplies needed.

“We’re kind of having a evacuation shelter here so if people want to get out of the heat, if they have no power, they can come hang out and we have food, we have ice, we have water and they can come hang out here,” Riddle said.

Depending on what the community needs, the Red Cross will determine if this shelter will be available overnight.

“We’re going to be here all day trying to figure out what the need is. You just come here, you’ll see us. We’ll get you signed in and then after that we can determine if you need to stay overnight or you can go back home,” Riddle said.

They are not accepting pets into the shelter unless it is a service animal. The Roseville Community Center is located at 13047 Karl Brown Road in Roseville.

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