Updates With Licking County Port Authority

Local News

HEATH, Ohio – The Licking County Port Authority has been experiencing a quiet boom, seeing eight industrial buildings in the last eight years.

The buildings are located at the Port Authority owned 350-acre, high-tech campus in Heath where they are always ready for development. The first one was built in 2011 and is now home to a defense engineering services group. They currently have a building underway which started late 2018, that will be making plant based seafood in their building come later this year. President and CEO, Rick Platt, said the main focus is industrial development. By having a building ready for a company that wants to expand, they can grow the tax base of the community.

“So this building here, a company came when we finished the building in 2015, signed a lease in early 2017. They went from 20,000 square feet, now in three different buildings and 111,000 square feet. That’s a success story and it started by having a building that was ready to go,” Platt said.

He also said it is ideal for businesses to quickly have the facility to move into and start production. The Port Authority’s 8th “spec” building is expected to be underway this year. They have signed an agreement with a local architect to start the design on the building.

“I think that we’re seizing upon a trend of manufacturing really is growing in Ohio and around the country. And our readiness to go has been part of positioning us to take advantage of that trend,” Platt added.

Licking County Port Authority is also hopeful to see their 9th and 10th buildings within the next year or two as well.

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