Westview Community Park Update

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Plans for a new park are coming to life where the old Westview Elementary School once stood.

A grant has been given to The Board of Muskingum Valley Park District, to move forward on building the new park. Muskingum Valley Park District Executive Director, Russell Edgington said they met at public meetings with community members, about what they think the park should feature.

“So the site plan that we are currently working with, has kind of a historic gazebo right on the corner of Dresden and Englewood. There will be a walking path, picnic tables, park benches and then probably the highlight is going to be an extensive nature play area,” Edgington said.

The building of the park is expected to start in September and be finished summer of next year. Edgington said the nature play area could have stumps to jump on, a climbing rope, even a pile of sticks for children to use their imagination with.

Edgington added, “You know, this particular park is going to be a first for us with those nature play elements. There are some older facilities throughout the city that have traditional playground elements but combining the natural space with the play elements is a totally new concept.”

Edgington believes this park will be a unique park to the Zanesville area, and it will be a good sized park for a busy residential area.