Olde Village Meats Sells Fresh Meats And Cheese At Local Farmers Market

Local News

It was an absolutely beautiful Saturday here in Ohio and a perfect day for the Muskingum County Fairground’s Farmers Market.

Local products from right here in Ohio offer market goers a variety of delicious, healthy products. These products include cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, honey, donuts and a whole lot more. One local business that was at Saturday’s Farmers Market was Olde Village Meats.

Olde Village Meats worker, Adam Smith said “We’re best known for our bologna and our summer sausages. We also have bacon patties, ham salad, that type of thing. Some ground beef, fresh meats and local cheese but that’s not our own, it’s Troyer’s but we’ve got 28 different varieties of cheese out there too.”

Smith said it’s a great way for them to get their name out there and to interact and communicate with the community. He said it’s great to buy local cause you know where it is coming from.

“You have a better idea of where the stuff came from. We know the farmers that we bought the stuff from. You got a lot less hands that things pass through before it gets to the final user and it helps people to be able to know that,” Smith added.

Smith said the farmers market has been excellent so far and has been really busy which they are excited about.