Smart911 Emergency Phone System

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CAMBRIDGE, Ohio – The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is taking on a new Smart911 Emergency Phone System.

This is an additional system for 911 dispatchers that will help transmit a better location in the case of an emergency as well as other information about a person. Sheriff Jeffrey Paden said people can put their personal information inside the system that will help first responders better understand a situation.

“It’ll give us quicker access to the treatment that they need and the people of Guernsey County can put in anything, like where a hidden key is at or ailments that somebody might have or special conditions that we need to treat as a first responders group,” Sheriff Paden said.

Guernsey County had a recent 1-Mil Levy that passed three to one and this is what provided them the opportunity to advance their 911 dispatch system, they are now the 4th county in Ohio to work with the Smart911 System. They will be launching this system starting in June.

Dispatch Supervisor Jeffrey Hannon said, “If you put in, there’s a key underneath a rock in the front under the porch, we’ll be able to tell first responders there’s a key there instead of kicking your door in. That would be a help for the first responders. We can also do history of your medical and that way they can be a little bit more prepared while going there and maybe even get better resources to that person who’s calling 911.”

This is a national program so you do not have to live in Guernsey County to participate. To provide information to the Smart911 system, head to their website, sign up and fill out your personal safety profile.

If you would like to learn more about the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office and their involvement with the system, head to their website or their Facebook page.