Highway Patrol Promotes Motorcycle Safety Month

Local News

As Summer quickly approaches, and with May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is trying to spread safety tips for both bikers and motorists.

In 2018, there were over 33 hundred accidents involving motorcycles. These crashes led to 146 deaths across the Buckeye State and just under 3,000 injuries. Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant, Matt Boyd said there are approaches motorcyclists and motorists can take to make the roads safer.

“What we want to do, is at the beginning of the Summer season when a lot more people are getting their motorcycles out and starting to ride, is we want to bring that back to the forefront of people’s minds. One, on the motorist end to look out for motorcycles and also to remind the motorcyclist to be safe and sharing the roadways as well. We always try and make sure that we urge the motorcycle riders to take a riders safety course, make sure they’re properly licensed and we always urge them to wear proper safety equipment,” said Boyd.

Lieutenant Boyd said one of the major problems is motorcyclists illegally riding bikes. For example, last year close to 50 percent of motorcycle accidents, were with motorcyclists that weren’t properly endorsed. There are some alarming facts that came from the over 33 hundred motorcycle accidents from last year.

“42 percent of them were single vehicle crashes, where only the motorcycle was involved. Almost half of those, the motorcycle rider was not properly endorsed so at 49 percent, the person that was riding the motor cycle on the roadway wasn’t legally riding the motor cycle on the roadway. That is a pretty alarming rate when half the people involved in the crashes weren’t legal to be riding on the roadway. The motorcycles were at fault two-thirds of the time,” added Boyd.

Lieutenant Boyd said the best way to avoid wrecking is for everyone to drive safe, be alert, and don’t panic.

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