Special Meeting for Starlight Renovation Project

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners held a special session meeting with members of the Starlight Renovation Project.

This project has two different focuses. Business Manager of the Muskingum County Board of DD Stephanie Neuhart said the first part is the school focus which will include HVAC Renovations, replacing some windows, and asbestos removal.

“The second part of the project is we will be relocating our Community Services Department from our building on Zane Street to the building up behind the school on Newark Rd. Everybody will all be in one site,” Neuhart said.

The meeting was dedicated to opening bids and discussing options. There will be another meeting on Thursday to decide on which company fits the job and Neuhart said the commissioners indicated they will act on awarding a bidder on Monday.

“We will start ordering materials immediately. We have the school, we would like to get underway. Of course, the children will be out of school for the summer months so we’re under a tight timeline so as soon as we can order the materials and get in there we’ll get started. Hopefully next week or the week after,” Neuhart said.

The overall estimate for the project was $3.1 million. The two bidding companies they will have to choose from were Lepi Enterprises and Paul Construction.

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