Local Company In 80th Year Awarded “Excellence In Technology”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local family ran business has been in operation since 1939. They recently were awarded by the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance for Excellence in Technology.

In 1946, Charles Stewart Sr. invented the first extendable conveyor, and the family continues to build and sell them today. The extendable conveyor is used to load and unload trucks carrying a wide variety of objects. Charles son, Bill is the CEO of the Stewart Glapat Corporation now. Bill’s daughter, Amy is the President and Chief Financial Officer.

“Well, I think it just shows how forward thinking he was and how strong of a design it was and our ability to adapt our machinery and equipment to the changing economy and our changing customer’s needs. We love our family and working together and it’s a great legacy to be carrying on,” Amy Stewart said.

The conveyer belts are boxes that extend out from one another to reach lengths of over 90 feet. This makes it long enough to go all the way into trailers and belt the shipments out of the truck. Executive Vice President, David Stewart said the Excellence in Technology Award speaks volumes to the Stewart Glapat Corporation and what it stands for.

David Stewart said “It’s a reflection of our company. It’s a reflection of our workers out in the factory, our design engineers, our front office workers, who are the first impression of our company and just how much we are respected throughout our industry. David Stewart added “We’re very honored to bring that award back to our company and share it with our work force. We wouldn’t trade our work force for anybody.”

The Stewarts wanted to stress how thankful they’re for their employees, and they are grateful the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance awarded them for Excellence in Technology.