Ohio State Highway Patrol Reminding Teens of Seatbelt Safety

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol went around to area schools and did a survey focusing on seatbelt safety.

They wanted to speak with teen drivers and remind them to wear their safety belts. Lieutenant Matt Boyd said they wanted the teens to know that they are out there watching for driving violations and safety concerns.

“With one of our traffic safety partners Fineline Imprints, they printed up plaques that we give to the schools so that they can display those showing that they were the school with the highest seat belt usage rating in the county. They display that for the year, then when we do that again next year we’ll pick those plaques up and distribute them to the schools who win next year,” Lieutenant Boyd said.

This year, the winners for the highest seatbelt safety usage were Rosecrans, Muskingum County, Riverview, and Coshocton. Lieutenant Boyd this is a very important conversation to have with young drivers.

“It’s very important, particularly for the younger drivers, cause they overrepresent the number of, for the driving population that they represent, they overrepresent the number of crashes. 75% of people that are ejected from vehicles end up dying and we want to try to do everything that we can to protect our teen drivers,” Lieutenant Boyd said.

The Zanesville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will be along the roadways at these schools for a couple of weeks in April handing out McDonald’s coupons to those wearing their seatbelt.