Maysville Students To Perform Beauty And The Beast

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – The Maysville Middle and High School are joining together to perform the play Beauty and the Beast.

Today, they were practicing after school at Maysville High School. Choir Director, Ryan Hutcherson said they will be performing the play April 12th and April 13th. Hutcherson said they have been working on this performance as far back as December.

“They’ve been working tremendously hard, I would say this is my third year teaching here at Maysville and by far this has been the strongest cast that we’ve worked with. Students have been memorizing their lines they’ve been putting in work outside, they’ve been seeing me outside of class. We’ve been really driving and pushing them and they’ve been with us every step of the way. I really can’t wait to showcase all their hard work,” Hutcherson said.

Maysville Junior, Megan Sprankle plays Belle in the play. She said she Is really excited to have the lead role. Sprankle added she feels that her personal life relates to Belle’s.

“Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite fairy tales. I feel like I connect to Belle on a personal level. You always see how she was sort of an outcast and I’ve been that way my whole life basically,” Said Sprankle

Tickets for Beauty and the Beast will be sold at the door. The public is welcome. Tickets are three dollars for students, and five dollars for adults.