A Historic Day at the South Zanesville Fire Department

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – For the first time in history, the South Zanesville Fire Department have a paid staff.

Funded with taxpayer money, they received their ambulance in 2018 and were able to generate enough revenue for their staff. Chief Russell Taylor said this will help them better serve the community.

“It means that we can better respond to our citizens and taxpayers in their time of great need. When they dial 911, we’re available to go now, where we didn’t have,” Chief Taylor said. “Now somebody’s on department, we don’t have to respond to the department.”

Their goal was to no longer be a staff of volunteers at the beginning of 2019 but the South Zanesville Fire Department are happy they were finally able to reach their objective. Chief Taylor said this will provide the opportunity for someone to always be at the station and always available to the community.

“Now they can relax and be confident on there’s somebody on the station at all times. If they need an emergency vehicle, they can pull up here and somebody will be here. We’ll be able to help them at any time of the day,” Chief Taylor said.

The staff will have more station responsibilities during their 10-hour shifts. Chief Taylor said it gives them a better feeling of accomplishment knowing they’ve come this far and will go further in the future.