County Commissioner, E.M.A Meet To Discuss Warning System

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – The Emergency Management Agency Director met with the County Commissioners Office today to discuss the warning system siren service contract.

Director, Jeff Jadwin talked with Commissioner Porter, Cameron and Crooks about the tornado siren system and the upcoming contract that they are looking for. The contract will be a one year deal from July 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2020. The contract will be very similar to this year’s, Jadwin said there is one significant change.

“Made a few changes as to how our contractor has to make visits to the sites.  To reduce some of their time involved in doing that because we have what we call siren monitors that listen for the siren to go off every week and if it doesn’t go off than they contact us,” Jadwin said.

Jadwin said they will go forward with sending out their contract to different agencies and see what their quote is. The deadline to submit a bid is May 15th. Then The Emergency Management Agency will make a decision along with the county on which servicing agency they want to go with. Jadwin said there is no need to have the contractor come check them every other month because the siren monitors can see if they are working or not. Then if a siren is not working, they will get the contractor to fix it.

“The big change is  we used to require that every other month a siren be looked at, so that allowed them to do half the sirens one month and the other half the next month. Under this new contract they will check them right before the tornado season starts in March,” added Jadwin.

Jadwin wants to remind the community that they will continue their test of the outdoor warning system every Wednesday at noon weather permitting.