District 9 Science Day at Zane State College

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Students between grades 5 through 12 from area counties including Muskingum, presented their science projects to judges and the public.

More than 100 students were at Zane State College participating in the fair, after they earned a Superior at their local science fairs. Students are competing to qualify for the State level Science Day. The students need to come up with their own research project, conduct the research after approval from their teacher, then write the research paper and make their presentation board. An interview with judges is also required.

“The biggest thing is learning the Scientific method. Because the scientific method is a way of thinking logically about a problem. And in order to have critical thinkers that’s the best place to start is with the scientific method. So it helps them think creatively because they have to come up with their own ideas. But then it helps them reason and find steps through a problem and how to solve it. The projects that they do today lead to much bigger projects that they do tomorrow,” said Associates Professor in Sciences, Elizabeth Kline.

In addition to qualifying for State, the students may earn scholarships from the Soybean Council, the Ohio Water Environment Association, and Ohio Tuition Trust Authority. If they are chosen to go to State, they will be able to compete for over one million dollars in scholarships and awards.

“We really believe that the community can embrace the idea of doing scientific research and building our young stem leaders for tomorrow,” Kline added.

Scores will be calculated and the students will find out if they received a Superior score and will go to State Science day taking place in May.