Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations to John McIntire Library

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – You might be entering the library in downtown Zanesville a little differently next week due to upgrades being implemented to the building.

The north entrance at John McIntire Library will have a brief closure Wednesday, April 3rd. The contractors for the library will be trenching from the side of the building through the parking lot, and the north side to install electric vehicle charging stations. The stations are funded through a grant the library received through AEP Ohio. This will be the first public electric vehicle charging station in the area.

“We were interested in bringing electric vehicle charging stations to the library partly because it’s an incredible location. It’s right off I-70, we think it’s going to be a wonderful thing for economic development in the downtown area, bringing in new people,” said Marketing and Community Relations Director, Sean Fennell.

Four charging stations will be installed. When people use the stations, users will be charged a fee to cover the electricity. Fennell also said they want to make sure the city of Zanesville is able to quickly access this type of technology.

“We’ve been bringing in new things like 3-D printers, and we’re bringing in EV charging stations, and we’re expanding our wi-fi. So we’re continually looking at ways to bring new technologies and opportunities to Zanesville and Muskingum County,” he said.

John McIntire Library is hoping to reopen the entrance either Thursday or Friday depending on construction. There will be signs directing people to other entrances in the building.