United Way Helping Out With Taxes

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – There is no doubt that filing for taxes can be challenging, difficult, and even intimidating to some. The United Way is helping residents in the area complete their taxes, all for free.

The United Way has already helped over 1,200 people with their taxes in Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties. They are at the McIntire Library helping people four days a week and United Way Community Impact Director, Becky Clawson said they help with federal and state returns.

“We file federal and state returns for like I said Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties residents. We’ve also this year taken on some out of county residents because other free tax sites have closed down,” Said Clawson.

The service is completely free for residents and one of the United Way volunteers will sit down with you and help you through. They hope to help out close to 1,400 residents. Clawson says it is a really good feeling to help people get the money they deserve.

“You’re making an immediate impact in someone’s life. You’re not only filing their taxes for free so it’s not costing them anything, but you’re also bringing back probably what is going to be the largest amount of money in their household all year,” added Clawson

Clawson says their last day at the library is April 6, if you need help filing taxes, or want to make an appointment, call the United Way information referral line number at 2-1-1.