Medical Director Dr. Butterfield Discusses Measles

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – The measles virus is spreading its way throughout the United States. Children in 15 different states have been diagnosed with the measles.


In 2000, the C.D.C declared measles was eliminated from the United States.  Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department Medical Director, Doctor Jack Butterfield said a growing population of people not getting vaccinated is causing this outbreak. He said getting the vaccination is critical for your children’s health.

“Interesting thing about the vaccine it was first introduced in 1963, and we went from over 4 million cases a year prior to 1963 with up to 4,000 deaths in children to no cases in 2000,” said Butterfield.

Doctor Butterfield said this was all because of how robust the vaccine is. Measles is an incredibly dangerous disease that can cause pneumonia, deafness, permanent brain damage, and even death. Doctor Butterfield said measles starts off like any other virus. A sore throat, runny nose, dry cough, and 1 to 4 days later you get a rash. He said complications can follow which can cause the more severe affects of the disease.

“It is not simply a rash at childhood, it can be a devastating disease. Totally preventable with the vaccine and that is the key point. Vaccination prevents this disease,” Added Butterfield.

Doctor Butterfield says the vaccine has no correlation to long term health problems, and he says that has been tested.