John Glenn High School Hosts Science Fair

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NEW CONCORD, Ohio – John Glenn High School giving students the opportunity to put their minds together through the power of science.

John Glenn’s Science Fair event took place at the high school gymnasium featuring around 150 science projects between 5th grade to 12th grade students. Students were able to pick any topic to do their project on, from physical and forensics to space or biological sciences. 100 points of their project is based on the use of the Scientific Method, the other 100 points is for presentation.

“The more you do hands on learning, the more you’re going to learn. Like I’ve learned more from my experience of my science fair project than I could in some classes. Just because it depends on what you like and enjoy. And you get to choose your own thing rather than have a certain curriculum,” said 11th grader, Alayna Call.

“I feel like it’s a great way for students to be able to expand their knowledge without being confined to a little space,” added 6th grader, Mikayla Shockling.

The Science Fair also welcomed a guest speaker, John Glenn High School alumni, Zack Canter. They always pick an alumni that not only has accomplishments in science, but someone who has given back to the community. Canter is an Animal Management Specialist at the Wilds, and is speaking to the students about his work with exotic animals, and how the community helped shaped who he is today.

“A part of me really takes a lot of responsibility in it because I want to be able to give them the experiences that I didn’t quite get to have. And have someone reach out to me and show me what exactly I could do with a career in science. So it’s really fun to be able to do that, and to directly affect my community,” said Canter.

Also during the science fair, two scholarships were given out to two students to participate in the NASA Space Camp program.

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