Genesis Hospital Restricts Visitation Due To Flu Activity

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The flu season is between December and March, and Genesis Hospital has seen the flu activity come around a little more severe this year than the previous.

Dr. Jignesh Modi specializes in infectious diseases at Genesis Hospital, and he said the flu this year has been more contagious than the last couple of seasons. He explained that the hospital is trying to keep a lid on transmission. Genesis Healthcare System announced on Tuesday they will be limiting visitation in all areas of the hospital due to the high response of the flu.

“And then when we start seeing admissions to the hospital, try to restrict visitation to prevent transmission from people who come from the outside to patients who may not have the flu. Or even from somebody who has the flu in the hospital but has a visitor that doesn’t have the flu,” he said.

Dr. Modi added once someone has the flu, options are limited where you can treat it, but the goal is to stop transmission. Genesis looks at their flu cases week to week, Dr. Modi said he expects a decline in activity by the end of March, and as that happens the hospital will then lift restrictions.

“It becomes difficult to not transmit something that you can’t see. And to keep people who are at significant risks for complications from getting something that they could avoid, isolation is important. And clearly in the hospital we tend to have a sicker population,” he said.

Dr. Modi wanted to remind everyone that the flu vaccination efficacy varies each year, but the more people who get vaccinated, the less severe flu season tends to be.

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