FEMA to Visit Muskingum County Friday to Evaluate February Floods

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – With the relentless rain that hit the area in early February, Muskingum County is looking for help from the government to repair infrastructure.

Muskingum County along with many others in the area had roads, streets, and land that were underwater from the storms. The County filed a local emergency through the County Commissioners Office. Now Muskingum County along with surrounding counties are included in the State Disaster Declaration. The funding from the government has yet to be determined, although Emergency Management Agency Director, Jeff Jadwin believes it will be around $3,000,000.

Jadwin said, “At this point it is a state declaration along with our local, but it looks like it is going to become a federal declaration. Once Governor DeWine gets all the figures together, FEMA will be here Friday to look at Muskingum County,  and look at some of our damages.”

Jadwin also said if it remains a State Declaration,  the State will pick up 75 percent of the funds, leaving the locals with 25 percent of the cost. He went on to say if it turns into a Federal Declaration, FEMA would pick up 75 percent, and the State typically picks up 12 and a half percent. Then it would be up to the local agencies to pay  the other 12 and a half percent. At the moment, Jadwin says there is no timeline for when all the roads will be repaired, he just asks the community for their patience.

“Be patient with us, the trustees are doing the best they can, the County Engineer, the City Engineer, street department. It’s just projects that are gonna happen,” Jadwin said.

Jadwin says they will gather a lot more information about damages and funding, going into the weekend.

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