Doggie Day: Pookie

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – On February 22nd a dog was found tied up outside the Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center.

Pookie is a mix but due to the way she was turned in, they were not provided with her specific information. Deputy Dog Warden Brittany Calihan said when they found her she was happy and was in good spirit.

“She’s very goofy and she really likes all the other animals. She was in foster for a little bit but she didn’t like being in her crate so she’s probably not crate trained. She’s probably not had a lot of training in general,” Calihan said.

She doesn’t enjoy car rides but Calihan said that can be fixed it will take her some time to adjust to rules. Pookie would do great with a family that has kids or someone who would enjoy running around and playing.

“They don’t come trained. You’re going to have to spend a little time with her and get her some work but I think with some training she could be a really good dog. I mean she already is a really good dog she just needs some basic manners,” Calihan said.

You can adopt Pookie for $105 and to learn more call the Dog Warden and Adoption Center at (740) 453-0273.