Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week at the Muskingum Recreation Center

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum Recreation Center has a Pulmonary Rehab program working to help those struggling in the community.

With this program, they are offered classes to help with nutrition, exercise, and better breathing techniques. MRC Exercise Staff Member Mackenzie Brune said that it is Pulmonary Rehab Week for those who attend the classes.

“I picked one day as a get social day, help with that social interaction and things like that. After class we have just a little small gathering where they can get a couple of pieces of fruit and a nice little granola bar and talk amongst their class,” Brune said.

Monday, March 11th was focused on getting social, on Wednesday, March 13th they will learn something new and on Friday, March 15th they will feel appreciated with some special treats. United Way is a big supporter of health in the community and Community Impact Director Becky Clawson said they provide a grant to the pulmonary program.

“Individuals are encouraged to come here and increase their pulmonary or lung capacity with the help of the staff here. Kenzie does a wonderful job managing all of that and reaching out to people that are here and checking in with them while they’re here,” Clawson said. “They get some health checks, they check their pulse ox and their blood pressure and things like that while they’re here to make sure they’re safe and doing well.”

Clawson said this program is so important to help create a healthy lifestyle by giving those members an opportunity to form a social relationship with others. For more information on the Pulmonary Program, contact Mackenzie at the Muskingum Recreation Center. (740) 454-4767 or email her at Kenzie.brune@muskrec.org