FoodWorks Alliance Update

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Foodworks Alliance gave an update to County Commissioners on Monday, March 11th about what they have been doing to progress.

During the last meeting, there were discussions about rent and how the alliance would survive the year. Interim Director Carol Humphreys said they are doing more to get the community involved.

“Some of the discussion that we had was actually what we call our calendar of events that we do have ServSafe Classes but we want to introduce some new workshops for all small businesses, it does not have to be a food-related company. Although we would like more of them of course but we also want to have the community to know more about us,” Humphreys said.

One event the Foodworks Alliance will be hosting is the Understanding Amazon, E-commerce and More on Wednesday, March 20th. This will provide community members with the opportunity to learn about online sales trends, social media, email, and time-saving resources.

“We’re very excited that Britni Ross, who is very accomplished in that respect, will be leading that. We do hope anyone in business will consider coming. Right now if you want to order your groceries online you can, your medicines online, buy your car online, or you can just google where you’re going and what you’re doing. We need to make sure that our small businesses are available when they do that,” Humphreys said.

To find out more about the Foodworks Alliance and their events, head to their website. They did ask the county commissioners for funding to help with rent however there was no decision made at the meeting.