Junior Music Club Festival Recital

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Local area kids were showing off their musical talents one music note at a time.

The Junior Music Club Festival Recital at the Ohio University Zanesville took place this afternoon. The Recital involved Elementary and Middle School students performing music they have practiced. Students played instruments from the piano to the violin, and a few students sang for their performance. The entire recital was presented by the Thursday Music Club, a historical music organization in Zanesville that is 109 years old this year.

“The playing for just for yourself doesn’t count, it’s gotta be in front of people. You have to share that blessing and then you know what your talent really is then,” said Music Teacher, Jim McLaughlin.

Students from this recital could potentially go onto the High School opportunities. McLaughlin also said for some students this was their first time performing in public, so it was a big first step.

“It’s a time for us to introduce the students to other students, and perform for your peer group which is the toughest gang you might know. Would be the peer group,” he said.

Thursday Music Club’s next program will be April 13th at the Secrest Auditorium for the “Bach to Broadway” event.



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