Guest Speaker Carol Reese at the “Spring Fever” Garden Symposium

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The 16th Annual “Spring Fever” Garden Symposium took place on Saturday, March 2nd at the Zane State/Ohio University Zanesville Campus Center.

With a silent auction set up all throughout the entrance of the building, there was everything from wooden designs and plants to wind chimes and painted rain barrels. Carol Reese was a guest speaker at the event and she spoke about sex in the garden.

“My real passion is natural allure, I like the interactions, not just the pretty plants. Having kind of read about that all my life and studied it, I love sharing all that information and part of the fun is I think people forget how much like plants we are. Our reproduction, it’s a little racy,” Reese said. “If people would have taught us botany that way we’d probably pay better attention.”

Reese works as an Ornamental Horticulture for the University of Tennessee Extension. Reese said she is a plant geek and that she really enjoyed the symposium that the Muskingum Valley Garden Society hosted.

“Sex in the garden because sex does sell but basically it’s about pollination stories. I mean people sort of forget flowers are reproductive organs and their attention is to make babies and the way they make babies is they do some interesting things to get their parts together, which may involve insects, birds, sometimes wind but I like to kind of make people aware of all the different ways that things do get pollinated,” Reese said.

She said she likes to make the conversation a little bit more fun. If you would like to learn more about Reese and what she does, you can find her information on the University of Tennessee website.

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