OSU Alumni Club of Muskingum County Donating Books

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Three local Elementary Schools are receiving free books from the OSU Alumni Club of Muskingum County.

It is the fourth year that the local club partnered up with the 2nd and 7 Foundation and are providing the books to every second grade students within those schools. President of the OSU alumni club Terry Kopchak said the foundation was created by three men who went to OSU.

“The books are from the 2nd and 7 foundation from Columbus Ohio which started in 1999 by a group of former Ohio State football players and they are now expanding their program and they’re all over the place but they write their own books, which is kind of neat. They’re based on four friends called the “Hog Mollies” which is a nickname that Coach Cooper had used for offensive linemen when the guys played football there,” Kopchak said.

Ryan Miller, Luke Fickell, and Mike Vrabel were all involved in community service while they went to OSU so they wanted to continue that. Zanesville High School football players were in attendance on Friday, March 1st at Zane Grey Elementary to read one of the books to the students.

“If you think from a standpoint of a second grader for somebody to give you a free book, a very colorful book, very colorful characters, and descriptions and then to have some Zanesville High School football players come in that they look up here in the community,” Kopchak said.

Each year, the foundation writes a new book so the students get a new one every time the club visits. They will also deliver books to National Road Elementary School next week and John McIntire Elementary School at some point.

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