Muskingum Avenue/Dug Road Updates

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Muskingum Avenue, also known as Dug Road, has been closed various times over the last few years due to landslide issues.

There have been temporary solutions throughout those years to keep debris from falling and affecting drivers commute on the road but it is not a permanent fix. Public Service and Community Development Director Jay Bennett said the community was very involved in the solution and it is working well for now on the hillside. until they can find federal, state and local funds.

“It’s working well while we continue to look for Federal, State and Local funds to be able to make the improvements necessary on the hillside part of the project to be able to reopen to two lanes and improve,” Bennett said.

Due to the amount of water that has affected the area this winter, the riverside of the road is now slipping. The City made the decision to close the road and is urging members of the community to avoid driving or even walking down the road.

“We really urge people to just try to get around other ways. Staff has been out over the last several weeks routinely and it is still moving. The hillside is still moving because there’s still a significant amount of water that’s coming down the river cutting the bank away,” Bennett said.

The City met with an engineering firm that specializes in riverside slips and they reviewed the significant project. They do hope to work with them in the near future to repair damages.