Organization Soliciting Donations

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Your well-intentioned donations for those responsible for your neighborhood’s public safety could potentially be going somewhere else.

Calls have been circulating the area with someone representing the Volunteer Firefighters Alliance and has been soliciting donations for the County Fire Departments. Emergency Management Agency Director, Jeff Jadwin, said this organization has not been endorsed by any of the County and City Fire Departments.

“Trying to solicit funds saying that they’re collecting them for the different fire departments, volunteer and paid, it’s called Volunteer Firefighters Alliance. And they have no connection with any of the fire departments in Muskingum County,” he said.

Jadwin also said the organization is out of state, but sometimes their number will show up as a local number. The Muskingum County Fire’s Association does not recommend giving them any information or access to funds. If you wish to make a donation for your local Fire Department, give it to the Department directly.

“There are fundraisers, there are ways to donate. But do it locally rather than through an organization from another state,” Jadwin mentioned.

Local Fire Departments hold fundraisers throughout the year to purchase new gear and equipment.