Keeping Up with New Year Resolutions

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Are you starting to give up on your New Year resolutions? The Fieldhouse Family Sports and Wellness Center wants to help you continue working on those goals.

There are four words that the Fieldhouse focus on that start with the letter P. Persistence to maintain determination, perseverance to respond positively to setbacks, patience with the time it takes for change, and pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Fieldhouse Personal Trainer Katie Snider said,  “If you’re falling short on your New Year’s resolutions this year definitely some habits you can start picking up are to stay hydrated, get your water intake in every single day. Also get about seven hours of sleep a night. When we have more sleep and when we feel rested, we’re more likely to make better and healthier decisions with our lives so definitely get that sleep and then lastly, if you’re falling short grab a buddy.”

Snider said getting up and getting your body moving is the best way to find motivation, especially going outside when it starts to warm up. Once you’re up and moving, you can head to the gym and work on weight training exercises.

“One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about resistance training and lifting is that if you pick up a weight you’re going to get bulky. I’ve heard it, I’m sure a lot of people have heard it but the truth is picking up a weight is not going to make you bulky so resistance training has a lot of benefits not only for the physical body but also for the mental health piece as well. When you pick up a weight, you’re more likely to torch the calories and burn more body fat.”

Snider recommends finding a health and fitness professional to discuss what is right for you.

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