The Downtown Association is Encouraging Residents to Take Housing Assessment

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The City of Zanesville is currently promoting a housing survey for residents to fill out that will give them ideas for housing needs in the Zanesville area.

There are three questions on the survey that are focused downtown so the Downtown Association is encouraging residents to participate and speak out about what you would like to see in the area. President of Chamber of Commerce Dana Matz said there are three sections of people that commonly live downtown.

“There are the folks that have just graduated from high school that are working service jobs,” Matz said. “Then there’s the group that have just graduated college, they want to be in the mix, they’re not ready to take care of the yard and all of those things so they want to live downtown and then the third group that’s wanting to live downtown are the recent retirees and they also aren’t wanting to cut grass.”

Matz said the privately owned apartments have waiting lists so it’s clear that people have a desire to live downtown. The Downtown Association encourages members of the community to check out the available ones for rent.

“There are misconceptions of how many buildings are occupied, how many buildings aren’t. For Main Street, for example, is we go down through there, very few buildings on Main Street that are not occupied,” Matz said. “There are some, but very few and the interesting thing is there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes where people in late 2018 or late 2017 have purchased buildings and started renovating.”

Matz said one issue is that Zanesville has a large downtown for such a small town. He mentions there are issues the City still needs to deal with but there is a lot underway. To find out more about landlords in the downtown area call the Downtown Association at (740) 455-8282. To fill out the online survey you can go to the survey monkey website.

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