New Executive Director of Abbott Senior Living

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Abbot Senior Living has welcomed their new Executive Director.

Kevin Pinson started his position earlier this month and has been spending his time getting to know the staff and residents at the living center. He said that he is still getting settled in but it has been a great start.

“Got a lot of great ideas for the future. This is a non-profit organization so what we collect and rent from our residence, only covers about half of our expenses so we’re looking at some new ideas to help fund our trust. As well as maybe some fundraising events as well,” Pinson said.

Some of the responsibilities that come with Pinson’s position include being in charge of the entire staff, the finances, and fundraising.

“I’m kicking around some ideas for fundraising especially and some grant writing as well. Those are probably my two main focuses once I get settled in and have everything figured out,” Pinson said.

If you would like to learn more about Abbot Senior Living, you can give them a call at (740) 453-2781 or visit their website.