Flooding Updates Continue

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The updates continue as the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency checks for flooding changes.

EMA Director Jeff Jadwin spent the morning checking the river and monitoring water levels. He says everything North of the Y-Bridge is still rising and everything South of the Y-Bridge is now down.

“Dresden, the park is completely under water as far as down in the river area. Riverside Park is deeper water than it had yesterday so it’s still closed. Pioneer drive, part of the road is now uncovered but a lot of the road is still under. Same as Shady Lane.”

The areas that are further away from the river are the areas that have cleared up. Jadwin says as long as we get a couple dry days, the river will continue to go down but there is still some ice out there and areas to be cautious around.

“Still be very careful. If there’s ice on the roadway, you don’t know if the roadway is underneath so be careful. We saw a lot of debris this morning when we were driving around and some of that is on the road.”

Some of the debris that he saw were tree branches and logs.