Doggie Day: Joey

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – One pup has been waiting a while for his forever home.

The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center wants to introduce Joey. Deputy Dog Warden Brittany Calihan said Joey is a two year old Pit-bull mix who loves to cuddle. She said he has been at the shelter since November and is ready to find his forever home.

“Even days like today where it’s a lot nicer he just wants to be inside,” said Calihan. “So he definitely would probably enjoy a home where he can hang out on the couch, hang out and everything.”

Calihan said along with cuddling, Joey loves to eat. She said he’ll eat his whole day’s worth of food as soon as it’s given to him and that he loves his snacks.

“As soon as he comes in he’s one of the dogs that he does not want to wait,” said Calihan. “He eats his food for the day in probably 2 seconds, he scarfs it down. He likes food and he’s food motivated.”

Calihan said he is available for immediate adoption and would be great in any type of family. She said he does well with children and other dogs and would be happy to just hang out on the couch and watch T.V. all day in his forever home. For more information about Joey, contact the Dog Warden at (740) 453-0273.