2019 Housing Study and Needs Assessment

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The City of Zanesville is conducting a survey to assess the communities housing needs.

Responses from the survey will be confidential and will only be used to collect residents perspective on local housing. The City has partnered up with Bowen National Research to conduct the study.

Re-Development Administrator Carly Campbell said, “The more residents that participate, the better that the City will be able to understand the housing needs, the issues, the barriers and then form priorities around those. So we’re encouraging as many as possible to participate.”

The survey focuses on what residents need throughout their entire life cycle, from the beginning to care at the end. The survey is now online and will be available until the end of March.

Director of Public Service and Community Development Jay Bennett said, “Hopefully we’re going to see a diverse response from our population. They’ve gone in and told us what they feel about our housing stock and our housing conditions and what’s needed.”

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. To find the survey you can head to the provided link or give the public service office a call at (740) 617-4910.

Link to the survey: QR Code