Muskingum River Update With EMA

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Ice jams were a major issue on the Muskingum River last year, and Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency has been keeping a close on eye on it for this season.

Ice jams occur when floating ice on water accumulates. EMA Deputy Director, Travis Roach, said even with some ice visible on the river, there is not enough to be concerned. He said they have not seen the ice gathering on the banks, and the river water level has decreased as well.

“There is a little bit of ice on the river. Probably, not that much to worry about. It’s all moving, it’s not bounding up too much on the sides, on the curves,” said Roach.

With the warm up in temperatures this weekend, the ice melting could be troublesome. The melting adds water to the ground and to the river, this causes flooding. Roach said homeowners near the river should always be wary of the river water level, and have a plan in case of flooding.

“For flooding, with all the ice melting or all the snow melt coming, just keep an eye on it. If it gets close to your house, and you can get out, I recommend getting out, have to go bags. Some change of clothes, some medication if you need it, have a plan of someplace to go if you need to,” he added.

EMA sends out alerts to phones and emails in case of emergencies such as flash flooding. Residents can sign up for the citizen alert system by going to the EMA website.