ZAAP Featured Artist: Kallia Manika

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Color, leather, and emotion are what make up the artwork of this month’s featured artist.

The Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project will display the work of Kallia Manika during the month of February. Manika said she loves to use many different types of colors and medium in her artwork. She said she works with paint, leather, and beading to create pieces and that most of her inspiration is driven by emotion.

“How do I feel the love? Am I happy? Am I content? Am I passionate? Maybe that will come as a red dot, maybe that will come as a red flower…” said Manika.

Manika said she grew up in Greece and that many of her figures and forms draw inspiration from ancient Greek work as well. She said what she really hopes to communicate through her artwork is emotion.

“I want them to feel,” said Manika. “I just want them to experience it. I want them to come in here and feel their emotions even if it’s happy or passion or something. I want them to come out and remember how they felt looking at my pieces.”

Manika’s art will be on display at ZAAP during the First Friday Art Walk and through the month of February. Manika said they will also be having a reception from 3-6 P.M. on Sunday at ZAAP.