Staying warm while exercising

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With January wrapping up its a good time to think about those New Year’s resolutions again.

For many Americans, those resolutions included exercising more and losing weight. The Fieldhouse’s Mick Amicone said now is the time when many people look at the month of work they put in, but may not see the results they want. He said it’s important not to give up yet.

“Please, please, please give yourselves that 90 days so we can make a transition from our old habits to our new lifestyle change,” said Amicone.

Amicone said now is also a great time to re-focus and get back into working out, but think about exercising indoors. He said with the weather so cold, it would be more beneficial to be inside, however, he says for anyone who wants to enjoy the cold weather outside, but sure to dress appropriately.

“If you’re outside, goggle up, face mask, every inch of your body covered, and mittens, not fingered gloves,” said Amicone.

Amicone said it’s also important to dress in layers and that safety comes first.